I was trying to install several extensions (e.g. @jupyterlab/toc-extension, @jupyterlab/debugger, @jupyterlab/apputils) but I ran into some issues:

  1. I got an “extension installation error”, where it tells me to upgrade to a newer version of JupyterLab (my current version seems to be 3.2.0).
  2. I was asked to rebuild (“A build is needed to include the latest changes”) JupiterLab.


Could I get the manager role to be able to rebuild JupyterLab to install extensions?

Is it possible for me to upgrade to a newer version of JupyterLab?


I’ve also got some questions unrelated to the problems above:

Would you recommend using JupyterLab in combination with Coscine (https://coscine.rwth-aachen.de/)?

If I’m working with industry data, which is not meant to be shared with other people, would it be ok to use JupyterLab?

In other words: Where and in what form is data saved in JupyterLab?


Looking forward to your answers!


Kind regards,

Jakob Lötfering



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