Call for Papers and Posters (Extended Deadline)

3rd International Workshop on Meta Models for Process Languages (MeMo) 2017 

affiliated with CONCUR, September 4th, 2017, Berlin, Germany 

'''Aim and Topics'''

Metamodels are framework theories which provide general, structural results simplifying and driving the development of models of specific systems and languages. There are frameworks for operational semantics (such as GSOS, graph rewriting systems, Milner’s bigraphs, coalgebras), for denotational semantics (such as algebraic/bialgebraic specifications, monads, enriched Lawvere theories, mathematical operational semantics), and for logical semantics (such as metalanguages for deductive systems, i.e. Logical Frameworks). The boundaries between these metamodels are blurred, and techniques and ideas from one can be reapplied to the others. Moreover, metamodels can help in the definition of new computation and programming paradigms.

The goal of the MeMo workshop is to bring together researchers working on and with metamodels, with the aim to share insights, uncover similarities and differences, possibilities for cross-fertilization and stimulate further research in this exciting area. We solicit contributions in the theory and applications of meta models: theoretical results, tool implementations, real-world applications, case studies, new application areas, integration of meta-models with programming languages, etc. Topics include (but are not limited to):

 - Metamodels for operational semantics: bigraphical reactive systems, coalgebras, psi-calculus, SOS formats, term and graph transformation systems, tile models, ULTraS and FuTS, K-framework, etc.
 - Metamodels for denotational semantics: algebraic/bialgebraic specifications, monads, enriched Lawvere theories, mathematical operational semantics, etc.
 - Metamodels for logical semantics: metalanguages for deductive systems, concurrent logical frameworks, etc.
 - Expressiveness issues of metamodels
 - Applications of meta-models to the design of computational paradigms (e.g., for agent-based and context-aware computing)
 - Tools, implementations, and experiments

'''Important Dates''' (Extended Deadlines)

    Submission regular papers and presentation proposals: 5th July 2017
    Notification regular papers and presentation proposals: 5th August 2017
    Camera-ready copy: 14th August 2017
    Submission posters: 14th August 2017
    Notification posters: 20th August 2017

'''Keynote Speakers'''

 - Jan Friso Groote, Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands

'''Submission Instructions'''

We invite three types of submissions:

    Full regular papers;
    Tool presentation papers;

Submissions of regular and tool papers must be original and should not have been published previously nor to be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this workshop. Submissions of poster proposals can be based on work submitted elsewhere and be clearly marked as a poster proposal by prefixing the title with "POSTER:" . The posters will be on display all throughout the workshop in the coffee break area, when the presenters can interact with other participants.

Evaluation criteria will be technical quality, readability, novelty, and scope.
All papers and posters must be in English and submitted at the EasyChair submission site.

Papers should use the EPTCS style ( and not exceed 15 pages in length for full papers, 10 pages for tool papers, and 6 pages for poster descriptions.
If necessary, the paper may be supplemented with a clearly marked appendix, which will be reviewed at the discretion of the program committee.

We plan an EPTCS post-proceedings volume and depending on the quality of the submissions also a special journal issue of selected, extended papers.

'''Program Committee Co-Chairs and Organizers'''

 - Thomas Hildebrandt, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
 - Christian Johansen, University of Oslo, Norway

'''Program Committee'''

 - Patrick Bahr, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
 - Iliano Cervesato, CMU Qatar
 - Matteo Cimini, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
 - Søren Debois, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
 - Yuxin Deng, East China Normal University, China
 - Uli Fahrenberg, Ecole Polytechnique, France
 - Tobias Heindel, University of Leipzig, Germany
 - Thomas Hildebrandt, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (co-chair)
 - Hans Hüttel, Aalborg University, Denmark
 - Christian Johansen, University of Oslo, Norway (co-chair)
 - Marino Miculan, University of Udine, Italy
 - Joachim Parrow, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden
 - Marco Peressotti, University of Southern Denmark
 - Johannes Åman Pohjola, Chalmers University, Sweden
 - Jan Rutten, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), The Netherlands
 - Pawel Sobocinski, University of Southampton, UK
 - Uwe Egbert Wolter, University of Bergen, Norway

Thomas T. Hildebrandt

Associate Professor at IT University of Copenhagen

Head of Process Intelligence, Modelling & Optimisation Group

BPM & ACM Consultant

Mobile: +45 31425279