hello, I am a student from Harbin Institute of Technology in China, and I got some problems
I have beeing study your Compass Toolset recently, and I got the version compass 20110610 , and I write a small test with slim language. however , I can't get results that I want.
The test is
   system sensor
         warning: out event port;
        switch: in event port;
  end sensor;
  system implementation sensor.Impl
        power: data real default 6.0;
        Off: activation mode;
        On: mode;
        Off -[switch]-> On;
        On -[then power := power*0.8]-> On;
        On -[warning when power <= 0.5]-> Off;
  end sensor.Impl;
 The result is that when I simulate the test in tab correctness, on the step 16, the mode should have changed to Off, But it didn't. That's what's the problem is.
I will be very grateful for your help;
Another questions is why when I use examples in compass-mannual ,the toolset gives some sytanx wrongs, which occurs on the variable energy’