Richard Michaels Stefanik 
Story Consultations
  Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

January 14-15, 2006

Schedule a Personal Story Consultation
$99 for a 60 minute story consultation session!
This is a chance for a screenwriter to have a one-on-one hour story consultation with Richard Michaels Stefanik. Included will be a FREE copy of The Megahit Movies book (502 pages $24.99 value). A writer would email Richard a 1-3 page story synopsis before the session which will then be discussed in detail for one hour during the personal meeting. 

"THE MEGAHIT MOVIES perfectly exemplifies the commercially focused "how-to" screenplay book. This book is specifically for screenwriters who want to learn how to write the most commercial money-making "megahit" that they can."
Creative Screenwriting Magazine, Nov-Dec 2005

RMS Screenplay Consultations
A personal consultation on your original screenplay! Once you purchase this package, you will be permitted to submit a 120 page original screenplay. Between 3 to 5 pages of written comments about the screenplay will be emailed to you within 14 days after the receipt of the script by U.S. Priority Mail. Also included is The Megahit Movies Book 500+ pages of information about the structure of popular films. Once you have read my comments, I will schedule a one-hour chat session to further discuss your script. Start developing your script into a feature screenplay that can be made into a popular Hollywood movie!

The Megahit Movies Book
The new 502 page edition analyzes The Megahit Movies, those films which have generated more than $250 million in North American Box Office receipts. It presents principles of story construction that can be used to develop popular movies by providing an analysis of cinematic techniques. It also offers stimulating ideas that can be helpful in the creative process. The book is designed for writers, directors and producers who want to create commercially successful films. The fundamentals of dramatic structure, the human emotions, and the construction of humorous characters and situations are explained, with examples drawn from some of the most popular motion pictures Hollywood has ever produced. This book discusses the recent megahit-blockbuster movies such as SPIDER-MAN,  SHREK, HARRY POTTER, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, MATRIX TRILOGY, FINDING NEMO, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and THE LORD OF THE RINGS.



Richard Michaels Stefanik

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