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MIFED 2003


Dear Friends,


This year’s MIFED sees several exciting developments for Arclight Films  including the official launch of our genre division, Darclight.


Our brand new Darclight  slate includes : 

SILVERHAWK with the star of Crouching Tiger Chinese Dragon, Michelle Yeoh - we’ll be showing exclusive thirty minutes of footage.

Darclight will also be premiering Australia’s most successful comedy of 2003, FAT PIZZA. HEROIC DUO, a sensational new action thriller from Hong Kong’s Benny Chan will have its premiere screening. We will screen a promo of our supernatural thriller, THE LAST SIGN starring Andie McDowell and Tim Roth.   We will also have footage on  the adrenaline pumping action skateboard movie DECK DOGZ.


Arclight Films presents its biggest lineup ever of major theatrical movies. Toplining our list for this market is LORD OF WAR, to be written and directed by GATTACA’s Andrew Niccol. We are currently in the process of confirming A-list cast. We are also proud to present for the very first time on film a $US20M adaptation of William Shakespeare’s MERCHANT OF VENICE starring Academy Award winner Al PacinoJeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes, directed by Oscar nominee Michael Radford (IL POSTINO). 


We'll also be launching  NEW POLICE STORY, starring Jackie Chan. The film is in its fourth week of production. Arclight will he handling worldwide sales excluding Asia on Jackie Chan's first Chinese language film since SUPERCOP. The film is directed by Benny Chan and co-stars Nicholas Tse - an action packed edgier LETHAL WEAPON.


 Under the Arclight slate comes the world premiere screening of LOVE’S BROTHER, from the creators of SHINE starring Adam Garcia and Giovanni Ribisi. We’ll also be presenting twelve minutes of selected scenes from A DIFFERENT LOYALTY starring Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett (Lion’s Gate will distribute in the US)  and are glad to announce that Sony Classics has acquired HEAD IN THE CLOUDS for North America .


We are also pleased to announce that Lina Marrone has joined our sales team for Mifed and looks forward to meeting with everyone in Milan .


Our complete lineup and screening schedule follows.


For Sales information contact:


Gary Hamilton        tel: +61 418 971 504       email: 

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A16, Pavilion 25, Level 2

Telephone: 02 4342 3063  

Facsimile: 02 4342 3064







LORD OF WAR                                                                          action thriller

Dodging bullets and betrayal, a wily arms dealer schemes his way to the top of his profession only to face an enemy he never expected: his conscience.

But it’s not easy to leave behind a life of girls, guns and  glamour, when no-one wants you to stop, not even your enemies.

From the Academy Award nominated writer of THE TRUMAN SHOW and GATTICA , Andrew Niccol.

Cast:  A-List cast to be announced in Mifed.

Writer: Andrew Niccol (THE TRUMAN SHOW)

Director: Andrew Niccol (GATTACA)

Shooting: 2004



THE MERCHANT OF VENICE                                               drama

Shakespeare’s story of lovers who make hasty commitments and come to understand that life is not so simple. It is also a story of vengeance and betrayal, of two   enemies who try to exact horrific punishments from each   other, but most of all, a story of two communities who simply do not understand one another.  A modern approach to a timelessly relevant epic which brings to the screen for the first time one of the world’s most iconic courtroom confrontations. Directed and adapted for the screen by Academy Award Nominee Michael Radford (IL POSTINO).


Cast: Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes (Additional cast to be announced soon)

Director: Michael Radford

Shooting: November 2003



THE MATADOR                                                                       contemporary thriller

An assassin whose only thrills in life have been sex games, bullfights and drinking transforms the lives of an ordinary couple. When their two worlds collide, the professional hit man tries to redeem himself by executing one last job in a thriller that takes us from Denver to Venice, Mexico, Spain and Manila.

A story of assassinations, margaritas and certain bars in Manila you wouldn't want to  venture into.

Cast: Pierce Brosnan

Director: Richard Shepard (OXYGEN)

Writer: Richard Shepard

Shooting: February-March 2004 



COMING OUT                                                                          musical comedy

An entertainer returns to his hometown to drum a motley rugby team into shape with his stage skills. For the beer swilling players it’s bad enough that their new coach is a

dancer, but why does he also have to be gay?   Coming back home’s nothing to sing about, especially when it means coming out!

Cast: Catherine Zeta Jones, Alan Cummings

Writer: Steve Allison & Kevin Allen

Director: Joel Zwick (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING)

Shooting: September 2004




NEW POLICE STORY                                                               action thriller

The police force's resident supercop and a rebellious rookie

reluctantly team up to tackle the infamous Gang of Five.

In the tradition of Lethal Weapon, action superstar Jackie

Chan takes on HK's most notorious cop killers.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Daniel Wu, Charlene Choi,

Director: Benny Chan (WHO AM I?)



BAILEY                                                                                     family/comedy

Bailey's no ordinary pooch. He's just been left a fortune by his

billionaire owner and he can talk, at least to his best friend, an

animal behaviour expert.   But with outraged relatives determined to  

get their paws on  his loot by hook or crook, it isn't all biscuits and gravy  

being a one in a billion dog.

Cast: Dean Cain, Laurie Holden, Tim Curry, Jennifer Tilly. Jon Lovitz is the voice of Bailey.





A DIFFERENT LOYALTY                                                        spy thriller

A spirited woman turns her world upside down to be with the

man she loves. But when she discovers he’s a Russian spy,

her love will be put to tests no-one should have to face.

Based on the amazing true story of the woman who fell in

love with England’s most infamous double agent, Kim Philby.


Cast: Sharon Stone, Rupert Everett


US Theatrical Release through LIONS GATE 2004



HEAD IN THE CLOUDS                                                           romance

When 18 year old Guy Malyon takes up a scholarship at   

Cambridge University his world is forever changed. A

passionate affair with stunning, aristocratic but hedonistic

fellow student Gilda Besse takes him across Europe from the

killing fields of Spain’s Civil War to occupied France... before

a dangerous secret threatens to tear them apart.


Cast: Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Stuart Townsend, Thomas Kretschmann


Writer: John Duigan

US theatrical release 2004 through Sony Classics



Premiere Screening


LOVE’S BROTHER                                                                  romantic comedy

In despair of ever finding love, shy introverted Angelo uses a

photo of his handsome brother to convince a beautiful Italian

girl across the sea to marry him. Gino's delighted for Angelo

but when he lays eyes on his brother's betrothed, it's love at

first sight.

Touching and funny, sentimental and heart-warming, this is a magical, sweetly

nostalgic journey about roots, family, sacrifice and the power of true love.


Cast: Giovanni Ribisi (THE GIFT), Adam Garcia (COYOTE UGLY),

Amelia Warner (QUILLS)

Director: Academy Award Nominee Jan Sardi (SHINE)

Writer: Jan Sardi






PERFECT CREATURE                                                              horror/sci-fi

In a world where humans and vampires co-exist separately

but equally°±, a human cop and vampire cop team up to stop

a rogue vampire intent on starting a war between the two races.

An innovative, stylish, genre blending re-telling of the vampire myth set in an alternate reality.

Cast: Dougray Scott, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Saffron Burrows , Sam Neill (to be confirmed) 

Writer/Director: Glenn Standring (IRREFUTABLE TRUTH ABOUT DEMONS) 

Shooting: February 2004. 



ENTER THE PHOENIX                                                             comedy action

A veteran Chinese gangster sends his henchmen on a mission to toughen up his gay son...but they get stuck with the wrong youngster, leading to a hilarious comedy of errors!

Cast: Eason Chan, Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung

Director: Stephen Fung   



 *Debut promo Screening

SILVERHAWK                                                                            futuristic action thriller

Armed with ancient Shaolin monastery fighting techniques and high tech hardware, a beautiful masked millionaire crimefighter battles an evil entrepreneur intent on enslaving the world. A rollicking, high octane comic book style action   adventure romp.


Director: Jingle Ma (RUMBLE IN THE BRONX)



THE LAST SIGN                                                                        supernatural thriller

Tormented by the ghost of her abusive husband, a widow must face the very thing she’s trying to forget if she is to find peace and put the ghost to rest.

If GHOST showed us that love continues after death,   THE LAST SIGN shows us that so does hate. Sometimes the only way overcome your demons is to forgive them.

Cast: Andie McDowell, Tim Roth , Samuel Le Bihan. 

Director: Douglas Law



DECK DOGZ                                                                               action adventure

With cops, school and parents hot on their tail, three suburban

skate punks hit the road to compete in a prestigious

competition and pursue their dream of going pro.

A deck grinding, wickedly funny coming of age about

friendship and growing up.

Writer/Director: Steve Pasvolsky (Academy Award Nominee INJA)



*Debut Screening

FAT PIZZA                                                                                   teen comedy

Hot cars and hot chicks may be on their minds, but a psychotic boss, drug crazed co-workers and unscrupulous fast food chain rivals make twenty-four hours in these pizza delivery boy’s lives a day in the hot seat.  This gross-out, politically incorrect comedy shows how pizza delivery guys handle fast cars, fast chicks and fast food.

Cast: Paul Fenech

Writer/Director/Producer: Paul Fenech



*Debut Screening

HEROIC DUO                                                                             police thriller

A theft by an unlikely suspect at the opening of International

Diamond Expo sees the most elite member of the Hong Kong Police Force teamed up with an ex-police hypnotherapist, but are they the heroic duo, or has one fallen into the other’s trap?

Cast: Ekin Cheng, Leon Lai

Director: Benny Chan (GEN-X COPS)






LOVE’S BROTHER            *World Premiere

Sunday 9 November                    Sala Lumiere                                17:30

Wednesday 12 November           Sala 15                                        15:30


SILVERHAWK (exclusive 30 minutes of footage)

Sunday 9 November                    Sala Camperio                             11:30

Tuesday 11 November                Sala Camperio                             13:30


FAT PIZZA                              *Premiere

Monday 10 November                Sala 14                                        19:30

Wednesday 12 November           Sala 15                                        13:30


                                                                                                                       HEROIC DUO                          *Premiere

Monday 10 November                Sala 24                                        13:30

Tuesday 11 November                Sala Lumiere                               11:30


                                                                                                                  THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS 

Wednesday 12 November        Sala Lumiere                             11:30





 If you would like to book a meeting with us, please email Linda Kearns at with preferred date and time and contact details in Milan including hotel and mobile #. 




Sydney Office

Building 22, Fox Studios Australia, Driver Avenue, Moore Park 2021 AUSTRALIA

Telephone: +61 (0) 2 9955 8825  Facsimile: +61 (0) 2 9955 8828


Los Angeles Office

6422 Deep Dell Place, Los Angeles CA 90068 USA

Telephone: +1 (323) 464 8351  Facsimile: +1 (323) 464 8362



We look forward to seeing you at MIFED!