Dream Entertainment MIFED 2003
10 Years and Still Dreaming
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 During MIFED, Pav. 8 Stand A22

To schedule a meeting with Ehud Bleiberg and/or Nadine deBarros during MIFED, please send date/time requests to ndebarros@dreamentertainment.net or fax to (323) 655-5603. 

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New Acquisitions
Prey for Rock & Roll  - U.S. Theatrical Release October 31, 2003
Gina Gershon (Bound, Showgirls)
Drea De Matteo (TV's "The Sopranos")
Lori Petty (Tank Girl, A League of Their Own)
Inspired by a true story & based on the stage play, an all-girl band struggles to stay together against all odds.
"Dynamite cast, sexy love scenes, totally lived-in smart mouth dialogue and a wicked sense of humor - 'Prey for Rock and Roll' is authentic from first frame to last!"
- Variety

Official Selections at Sundance
& Toronto Film Festivals
Prey for Rock & Roll Screenings at MIFED:
Monday     Nov. 10        09:30    Sala 11
Tuesday    Nov. 11        19:30    Sala Marconi


First we brought you Dahmer, then Gacy…

Now we bring you the true story of the Charles Manson Family Cult, the most horrific and notorious murderers of the century.

The Manor  - Murder Mystery
Peter O’Toole
Gabrielle Anwar
Greta Scacchi

Wonderful performances by a first-class cast in this classic “whodunit” in the vein of “Gosford Park”.

World Premiere
Monster Man  
- Market Premeire at MIFED 

 On this highway, the roadkill is human!

Eric Jungmann (Not Another Teen Movie)
Justin Urich (How High, The Rage: Carrie 2)
Aimee Brooks (True Crime)

U.S. Distribution by Lions Gate in 2004

Monster Man Screenings at MIFED:
Saturday           Nov. 8         17:30    Sala 5
Sunday             Nov. 9         17:30    Sala 19
Wednesday      Nov. 12         9:30    Sala 1

The Follow-Ups:
Monster Man 2
- Summer 2004

Monster Man 3 - Fall 2004

In Production
DISASTER! - Action/Comedy - "It's Armageddon meets Airplane!"

The Most Creative Animators in Hollywood bring you a clay-animated spoof of modern day disaster films.  Five specialists must ban together to save mankind from a giant "planetoid" on a collision course with earth. 

ootage from the work-in-progress will be available for viewing during MIFED!

To schedule a meeting with Ehud Bleiberg and/or Nadine de Barros during MIFED, please fill out the following and email to ndebarros@dreamentertainment.net or fax to (323) 655-5603


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