ITN Distribution in Cannes
Booth: Riviera #F-11
Phone: 33 04 92 99 32 50

ITN Distribution is happy to be returning to Cannes this year and has a new line-up of feature films, documentaries and specialty programming. To schedule a meeting with Director of Sales and Acquisitions, Jack Campbell, please relpy to this email and suggest meeting dates and times.
TRANS-AMERICAN KILLER  (Horror - 75min.)
Screenings: Saturday May 15th, 8:00pm PALAIS G
                    Tuesday May 18th, 8:00pm PALAIS F

A battered Las Vegas showgirl leaves her abusive boyfriend for another woman, only to find herself being stalked by her ex, who has a sex change to get her back. He begins killing the other showgirls who get in his/her way.
MARILYN'S MAN  (Documentary - 92min.)
Screenings: Friday May 14th, 8:00pm PALAIS F
                    Thursday May 20th, 8:00pm PALAIS F

This is the real story of Norma Jeane Baker told through the eyes of her first husband, lover and life-long friend, Jim Dougherty. Over 250 never before seen images from the private collection of Sam Shaw.
AUSSIE PARK BOYZ  (Action - 90min.)
Screening: Thursday May 13th 8:00pm PALAIS F

The story of a group of young Italians struggling with the challenges of ethnic hatred while growing up in a small Australian city, realistically portraying the riots, hatred, rivalry and ultimately death which ensue between gangs of various nationalities.

Culled from six of world-renowned joke teller Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling's outrageous club performances, this DVD contains hundreds of rapid-fire raunchy jokes, told as only he can tell them. Also features hunks of his unique "Stump The Joke Man" audience-participation game.
SWEET HIDEAWAY  (Urban Comedy - 90min.)
Screening: Wednesday May 19th 8:00pm PALAIS G

A petty thief is being chased by the cops and is in need of a place to hide. What better place than his gay cousin's fraternity?
FIRST PERSON  (Drama - 95min.)
Screening: Friday, May 21st 5:30pm PALAIS F

We see through the lens of a video camera a girl running frantic on the streets of Manhattan. Her actions are being recorded on the tape of a video camera. But who is watching? Video voyeurism is a business.
THE TURN OF THE SCREW  (Thriller - 90min.)
Screening:Thursday May 20th, 11:30am PALAIS C

A contemporary version of a classic 1800's ghost story by Henry James. Shortly after settling in at an isolated estate on the California coast, a vulnerable governess, in charge of two teenagers, begins to believe the two teens are haunted by the former dead governess and dead caretaker.
and many more...