Berlinale/EFM 2005
February 10th – 15th

President and Head of Sales and Acquisitions Rob Straight will be attending the EFM (European Film Market) in Berlin from February 10th to 15th. If you are available for an appointment, please contact Shay Wilson at or 604.632.1707.

Horizon’s Berlin line-up is included below, and we will also be previewing footage from upcoming 2005 releases – including: ONE MISSED CALL 2, SAMURAI COMMANDO, YOKAI – THE GREAT GOBLIN WAR and ALL ABOUT MY DOG.

Upcoming markets include Hong Kong Filmart (March), Mip TV (April), and Cannes (May).


All of us at Horizon congratulate Michele Taverna on the start up of his new company MonteCristo Entertainment and wish he and Rob Maclean the best in their new venture.

Berlin Line-Up
Thriller (107 min)
Dir. Wilhelm Liebenberg and Federico Sanchez
Inspired by true historical events. A female serial killer with a thirst for blood is pursued by a detective in search of his missing wife.
Suspense Horror (150 min (7 episodes) or 110 min feature)
Dir. Iwao Takahashi
Based on the comic book series from Kadokawa, Psychic Detective Akiba and his enigmatic 19-year-old female assistant, Mikoto, root out and release the restless spirits that terrorize
this world.
Horror (6x56 min episodes)
Dir. Takashi Miikee

A detective with multiple personalities investigates a series of brutal cult murders, finding connections to his forgotten past.
Documentary (92 min)
South Africa
Dir. Craig & Damon Foster
The extraordinary personal odyssey of African astronomer, Thebe Medupe, who journeys into this ancient continent's astronomical past, unveiling the deep connection humans have with the cosmos.
Drama (100 min)
South Africa / Canada
Dir. John Greyson & Jack Lewis
Based on a true story, a young man is sentenced to hard labor on Robben Island, Cape Town’s harsh penal colony, and begins a love affair that transgresses vast cultural taboos.
Berlin 2004 Official Selection.
Drama (94 min)
Dir. Gary Burns
Laurie Harding is afraid of everything but things become more alarming when he finds his worst fears are becoming a reality and catastrophe is spreading city-wide.
Berlin 2004 Official Selection.
Drama (94 min)
Dir. Kataoka K
Based on the sensational best-selling and award-winning novel by Risa Wataya chronicling a teenage girl’s erotic journey of self-discovery through the liberating anonymity of
internet erotica.
Drama (112 min)
Dir. Yukiko Takayama
Searching for answers to her twin’s suicide, Haruki is drawn into the fascinating world of Kabuki theater and falls for its mysterious and seductive leading star.
Drama (110 min)
Dir. Hiroshi Sugawara
A school teacher inspires a quiet student with an unusual project but finds his job on the line when he realizes that her ultimate goal is to meet her deceased mother.
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