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Alma Mater                                        Uruguay
CINE en CONSTRUCCION AWARD - San Sebastian Film Festival
Pamela is shy and leads an insipid and anonymous life working as a supermarket cashier.A gradual desire to have a child takes over Pamela's life and… suddenly miracles start to occur.
Almost Brothers                                 Brazil
Best Iberoamerican Film, Mar del Plata/Best Latin American Film Fipresci, Best Director, Best Actor, Rio Film Festival
They could have been brothers united by music, but are ultimately divided by Brazil.
Best Director, Best Actor, Best Latin American Film FIPRESCI -RIO FILM FESTIVAL
FONDS SUD screening on 17th May
at 5.30 pm, Palais des Festivals, room F
CONTRA TODOS - Up Against them All    Brazil
Produced by City of God Director Fernando Meirelles
Best Film Rio Film Festival, Silver Firebird Hong Kong
A story of lies, betrayal and revenge within a disintegrating family in a lawless neighbourhood in the outskirsts of São Paulo. They cannot escape their destiny.
Paper Dove                                         Peru
Best Film Cinemafe New York, Human Rights Award Osnabruek                                           
Emotionally charged account of ten year old boy whose childhood is caught between political allegiance and personal freedom.

Acquaria                            Brazil
Sci-Fi adventure in Star Wars meet Dune style.

From the arid desert emerges a fantasy adventure set in the distant future about a place full of danger and mystery.

Radio Favela                                                                   bBrazil
Hip Hop urban drama. Music driven story of young heroes rising from an urban ghetto to popular recognition.

Jesus' Heart                                                                        Bolivia
El Corazon de Jesus
Official Selection, Biarritz, Huelva, Habana
Jesus' wife is wrongly informed of Jesus' death. When he returns home, she leaves, taking with her most of their savings. Jesus sees no option but to try to make the most of his "new" identity and the opportunities it brings.
  Two Lost on a Dirty Night                            Brazil
Charts the encounter, with explosive consequences, of two illegal immigrants in New York.
  How Angels are Born                                        Brazil
Precursor to City of God, 'HOW ANGELS ARE BORN' follows two pre-adolescents trying to escape after the accidental murder of one of the local drug trafficking bosses. Action keeps rolling, dramatic outcome.

The films of Mojica Marins                         BBrazil
Cult horror collection including by Master of Latino Horror, Mojica Marins has become an icon of the genre. Cult Collection of 6 titles plus Sundance award winning profile.

  The Island of the Terrible Earth Buster        Brazil
Rapaterra, a dreadful villain, robber of lands, destroyer of forests and polluter of seas, decides to rob the only asset he does not own yet - the stories about the seashore.
  Brave New Land                                                            Brazil
The story is set in Mato Grosso, in the heartland of Brazil in late 1700s. A struggle between the colonial forces of Portugal and Spain and the Guaicuru Indians
Kenoma                                                                            Brazil  
Soleil D'Or Biarritz                         
Set within the backdrop of the draughtlands of Brazil, a surreal tale about a mysterious traveller arrives in an isolated mythical village, lost in time.
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