Story Design Workshop & PitchXchange ORLANDO
Feb. 19, 2005

  • Pitch your Script to Movie Producers and Agents
  • Movie Story & Screenplay Consultations
  • The Megahit Movies Book

  • Pitch your Script to Movie Producers and Agents

    Orlando Story Design Workshop & PitchXchange
    Saturday February 19, 2005 in Orlando, Florida

    9:00-10:00 Pitch Coaching Class 1
    10:00-11:00 Story Design - Creating Popular Movies
    11:00-12:00 Creating Humorous Characters & Scenes
    12:00-1:00 Lunch Break and Networking
    1:00-2:00 Pitch Coaching Class 2
    2:00-3:00 11 Simple Steps to Write Like a Pro
    3:00-4:00 Getting Hollywood Representation
    4:00-5:00 Direct-to-DVD Movie Making
    5:00-6:00 Hollywood Screenwriting Business Panel
    8:00-12:00 Networking with Agents & Producers Party

    Pitch your script to Movie Producers and Agents.
    Pitch Sessions: 9:00-5:00 -- Each Session lasts for seven (7) minutes. Writers will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for pitches online once their registration payment for the Orlando Workshop is processed. Charges for Pitch Sessions are in addition to Workshop Registration Fee. $25 for each pitch or 5 pitches for $100.

    Richard Michaels Stefanik, RMS Productions Company, ( Richard is Director of the DVD Movie Making Group at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, DC. He teaches digital video movie making to members of the IMF and the World Bank.

    Richard also works with new writers to develop their original stories into high concept screenplays. He was a Screenwriting Fellow at the American Film Institute, where he wrote, directed and produced a dramatic movie, Michael & Christina. He is Producer-Director of the comedy movie, Henry Dodd, released on DVD in 2004. His second romantic comedy as Producer-Director, Once Upon a Blue Moon, is now is pre-production and will be released in 2005.

    Richard worked at several Hollywood studios, including Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions. He is the author of Structures of Fantasy, a screenwriting book that analyzed the dramatic and comic elements found in popular movies. This book has been chosen by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Mentors Program for inclusion in its list of recommended screenwriting books and is described as "one of the best books on story structure." A revised and expanded edition of this book has been published as The Megahit Movies. The French translation of this book was published in Paris in 2003 by Editions Dixit as Les Cles Des Plus Grands Succes Cinematographiques. Richard's new screenwriting book, Story Design: Creating Award Winning Movies, will be published in 2005. Richard has taught Story Design and Screenwriting Seminars in cities throughout the world, including London, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood.

    Shelly Mellott, Editor-in-Chief, Scr(i)pt Magazine( Shelly was the manager of the LA Expo Pitch Sessions 2002-2004.

    Lesley Bracker, The Writers Channel ( Founder of The Writer's Channel and an independent film producer and script consultant. Lesley has worked at ICM and Warner Brothers, and sold several TV and film projects. She is currently producing an independent film, Better Living Through Chaos.

    Paul Levine, Entertainment Lawyer-Literary Agent. Paul specializes in the representation of writers, producers, directors, actors, and production companies. He also represent, as a literary agent, adult, children, and young adult fiction and non- fiction book authors.

    Mike Esola, William Morris Agency
    Mike worked in Reality TV and also in development at Outlaw Productions in West Hollywood, before joining the Motion Picture Lit Department of the William Morris Agency.

    More Agents and Producers names will be listed once confirmed they will attend.

    This event is sponsored by RMS Productions Company, Scr(i)pt Magazine,,,,,,,,,
    Action/Cut Seminars.

    Movie Story & Screenplay Consultations

    A personal consultation on your original screenplay! Once you purchase this package, you will be permitted to submit a 120 page original screenplay. Between 3 to 5 pages of written comments about the screenplay will be emailed to you within 14 days after the receipt of the script by U.S. Priority Mail. Also included is The Megahit Movies Book 525+ pages of information about the structure of popular films. Once you have read my comments, I will schedule a one-hour chat session to further discuss your script. Start developing your script into a feature screenplay that can be made into a popular Hollywood movie!

    The Megahit Movies Book

    The new 525+ page edition analyzes The Megahit Movies, those films which have generated more than $250 million in North American Box Office receipts.

    It presents principles of story construction that can be used to develop popular movies by providing an analysis of cinematic techniques. It also offers stimulating ideas that can be helpful in the creative process. The book is designed for writers, directors and producers who want to create commercially successful films. The fundamentals of dramatic structure, the human emotions, and the construction of humorous characters and situations are explained, with examples drawn from some of the most popular motion pictures Hollywood has ever produced.

    The Foreword to the book is written by Christopher Lockhart, Executive Story Editor, International Creative Management (ICM) in which he discusses what Hollywood Producers, Agents and Studios are looking for when reading screenplays.

    Analysis of recent megahit-blockbuster movies such as

    SHREK 2
    All the Megahit Movies
    (525+ pages of analysis)

    Purchase the Book Now!

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