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As Phranakorn Film Co., Ltd. will be participating this year as the booth exhibitor at the Cannes Market 2006 at booth/ Stand No. 72-73 Palais 01. We'd like to take this opportunity in introducing our line-ups for possible distribution in your territory. Please feel free to visit our booth at any time. I look forward to seeing you all in CANNES 2006. For any further inquiries pls. don't hesitate to contact me in any way. Be sure to check us out in the CANNES Market Directory 2006.
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The following line-up at Cannes Market 2006



PRESENTS                              :   THE MAGNIFICENT  FIVE

PRODUCER                             :   Thawatchai  Phanpakdee        

DIRECTOR                               :   BANDIT  RIDTIKOL

GENRE                                    :   ACTION - DRAMA

DURATION                               :   92        Mins.

SYNOPSIS                              :

People of one village were in debt to a wealthy village chief Pu. Until they can pay their debts they had to give their children in his service. As the chief was a crooked man he sold children to foreigners. When people gathered the money to repay their debts, the children were not gone. Angry and distraught people decided to ask Sua (Tiger), local tough guy for help with a handsome sum of money as a reward if he succeeds.

Pu found out the villagers plan and sent his goons to rough them up and stop them from pursuing the children. Incidentally, Mod a scoundrel that is chased for selling fake drugs to villagers, Tong Suk and Phra are running from the law for assaulting a foreigner who was desecrating Buddha’s image and a young girl with a boy are passing through the village. As they were prevented to get to Sua the villagers asked them for help and in return offering money, food and shelter. When the villager asked them if one of them is the Tiger, all of them said that they were the one. All four started to fight about it and the villagers to saw that they were all skilled fighters and recruited them all. Four avengers set off on their quest and during their journey their money was stolen. It was in the hands of a drunken young pirate. Rakar, the young girl confronted him about the money but he told her that the money belonged to Sua, it means him. As a proof he showed them his tiger tattoo. They all agreed to join forces and eventually the Magnificent Five succeeded in returning the children to their village.               



PRESENTS                              :   WEREWOLF  IN  BANGKOK

PRODUCER                             :   Thawatchai  Phanpakdee        

DIRECTOR                               :   WIROTE  THONGCHILW

GENRE                                    :   COMEDY - FANTASY

DURATION                               :  94   Mins.

SYNOPSIS                              :

Two young men, Singh and Yai were hunting a wolf that bit Duen, Singh’s wife who was pregnant. Taa Yoi and his little master, Anirut stayed in an abandoned building. Anirut was an offspring of the last wolf in the world. He was a young and weak wolf, so Taa Yoi had to enchain him in a room; that’s why nobody except Frank dared to get into that forbidden building. Frank, a digging man and his niece, Lilly always ran away from Dang & Dam’s gangster to hide safely in the building. As usual, Tonight Frank and Lilly came to hide there, but unfortunately, it was a full moon!  With curiosity, Lilly walked around the building and got lost into Anirut’s cage. Frank tried to protect his niece from Anirut’s claw, so he was bitten at the neck. KhunDej, head of the Digging Gang and his secretary, Kun-Nuad heard that Dang and Dam could not take Frank to join their gangster as he escaped and hid himself in the forbidden building.   So KhunDej assigned Chu-chi to convince Frank to be a member of the Digging gang. Chu-chi is a very bold reckless 18-years-old girl.   She already had a close relationship with Frank, so it was not difficult to approach and persuade Frank. Anyway, Frank didn’t want to join the Digging gang because he hated KhunDej who was tricky. Singh and Dam hired KhunDej and the gang to find the wolf.  Tonight with a Crescent Moon, Frank began getting painful in his body and finally became a wolf. Didn’t look like a wolf in the legend, He was a leprous wolf. At the same time, Dang and Dam tried to rape Chu-chi. Coincidently, Frank saw the event and could rescue Chu-chi. Dang and Dam told KhunDej that they found the wolf.  Singh, Yai and the Digging gang came into the forbidden building and met Taa Yoi and Anirut. Anirut ran away while Chu-chi took Frank to see Taa Yoi for cure, so Singh, Yai and others thought that Frank was the wolf who bit Duen. They wanted the wolf’s heart for Duen to eat, but they followed Frank in the wrong way. KhunDej transformed to be a wolf and hunted Anirut. Whereas Singh and Yai hunted Frank, a leprous wolf closely.  Accidentally, Anirut and frank had a crash and merged to be a huge colossal wolf made Chu-chi shock with what she saw. Singh and Yai could remember KhunDej, the wanted wolf. There was a savage fight between two wolves. KhunDej was defeated.  Singh got KhunDej’s heart for Duen. Frank and Anirut turned to be a man, but who could help them? They were still the werewolves!



PRESENTS                              :   THE HOLY MAN

PRODUCER                             :   Thawatchai  Phanpakdee        

DIRECTOR                               :   Note  Cheernyim

GENRE                                    :   COMEDY

DURATION                               :   95  Mins.

SYNOPSIS                              :

Father Teng is a wise monk who has just moved to a dilapidated temple in a village where people are shifting their faith from religion to superstitions.  All the villagers seem to believe in the psychic power of Perm’s Ashram to call on rain in the time of drought. Father Teng has made it his mission to steer these people to the right way with the help of his 2 silly disciples. Song is a middle-aged temple caretaker who is very scared of ghosts despite the fact that he has been living in the temple since he was a kid.  Pien, a good looking nutcase falls head over heels in love with Panieng, Perm’s daughter and a beautiful psychic. He often peeps on Panieng when she’s working and always gets beat up for that.  Perm’s Ashram is actually a front for an organized crime gang defrauding people. They make a good living from people’s belief in the psychic power. When Father Teng starts to guide people back to the religious path, their income is dwindling away.  Perm considers Father Teng his number one enemy and plans to get rid of him.

Perm joins force with Tui, a bad village council member, in slandering Father Teng and attacking his followers. They also trick Song, the temple caretaker, into setting Father Teng up with a woman and make it appears as if he is caught red handed by the villagers. The evil plan goes well and Father Teng is finally driven out of the temple.  Panieng is very upset about this and has a quarrel with her dad.  The villagers eventually know the truth and want to vandalize the ashram. Song asks Father Teng to help fix the situation. The people agree to halt their angry army only if Father Teng can call on rain. Having heard the weather forecast of a rain storm earlier, Father Teng promises them rain. Soon after that the rain comes pouring down and dissolves the crisis.

Father Teng’s mission is accomplished and now people are putting their faith in the right place.


PRESENTS                              :   IN THE NAME OF THE TIGER

PRODUCER                             :   Thawatchai  Phanpakdee        

DIRECTOR                               :   Theeratorn Siriphunvaraporn

GENRE                                    :   COMEDY – ACTION - FANTASY

DURATION                               :  113  Mins.

SYNOPSIS                              :

Up in the mountains there was 100 years old shrine that house the idol statue of ‘Black Tiger’. This idol is worshiped by local people and they believed that it keeps peace and tranquility in the land.  In the area there were two local rival gangs fighting for power and control of gambling operations and opium production.

One day the two gangs went in to the mountain to start one of their many skirmishes for power when they were almost buried in a big landslide. Many ware injured so they came to conclusion that the Sacred Black Tiger, protector of this mountain was angry with them. Both sides decided to bring the offerings to the shrine in order to calm Black Tiger’s wrath. As they were about their offering business suddenly a stranger appeared from the shrine. Both sides concluded that the Sacred Black Tiger must have sent his assistant. Now they started competing to win him over to their side to gain the power over the other gang. But really, who is this ‘mysterious’ stranger, why he was here and what trick is he playing on ever back stabbing rivals?  This is a movie filled with comedy and with a hilarious conclusion. Adding more laughter to it is a long neck tribal beauty counseling our gangsters, a sexy girl of dubious virtue spreading her charms all over the town ……and a midget. 


PRESENTS                              :   THE RASCALS

PRODUCER                             :   Thawatchai  Phanpakdee        

DIRECTOR                               :   WIROTE  THONGCHIEW

GENRE                                    :   DRAMA – ACTION

DURATION                               :   84   Mins.

SYNOPSIS                              :


                              ‘Delicious food is innocent men’s trap.’

Jack was a high school student and his trying to court a girl from the other school instigated a physical conflict between the two schools. 150 students from the two schools met for a fight that took place in the middle of the city. Many were injured in the fight but when one student fired the gun stray bullets hit 8 years old boy’s grandmother and Jasan’s beloved younger sister right in front of him. Jasan ran through the mob with his little sister in his arms to reach a hospital. The mob was dispersed and the responsible students arrested. The instigators were sent to a Military Academy for boys with behavior problems. Now they have to succumb to hard core officials in charge of their behavior reorientation.





PRESENTS                              :   THE NAVY BOYS

PRODUCER                             :   Thawatchai  Phanpakdee        

DIRECTOR                               :   Vorapote  Potinetara

GENRE                                    :   COMEDY – ACTION

DURATION                               :   95   Mins.

SYNOPSIS                              :

                In some parts of territorial waters of East Thailand illegal trade in weapons and drugs was frequently conducted. Royal Thai Navy was unable to put a stop to it until a couple of business partners gave the Navy information with name list of many illegal traders. Sia Meng, Thai national and Mr. Yury, Japanese were on the list. The Navy was given authorization to organize a special force to deal with criminals.

Officer Kung a distinguished ex-marine was assigned to recruit and train special troopers. His recruits were;

1)        Moo Wan a Hacker, good in disguise and expert in gambling.

2)        Ton Hom previous soldier and expert diver. After service he went to work as a Tiffany dancer.

3)        Khai Kem a former bomb-squad. He had to get out of service after he mistakenly blew up his own team.

       To Kang Kapy sharpshooter and skilled in tracker of hard to find criminals.

Prik the only female on the team and expert in bare hands combat.   The task was not an easy mission. They did succeed in getting Sia Meng and Mr. Yury but they lost Ton Hom. He was killed on the mission and his friends and team mates organized big Tiffany show in his honor