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The Megahit Movies
Hollywood Story Design Consultations™

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
January 14-15, 2006

Schedule a Personal Story Consultation
$99 for a 60 minute story consultation session!
This is a chance for a screenwriter to have a one-on-one hour story consultation with Richard Michaels Stefanik. Included will be a FREE copy of The Megahit Movies book ($24.99 value for 502 pages ). A writer would email Richard a 1-3 page story synopsis before the session which will then be discussed in detail for one hour during the personal meeting. 

"THE MEGAHIT MOVIES perfectly exemplifies the commercially focused "how-to" screenplay book. This book is specifically for screenwriters who want to learn how to write the most commercial money-making "megahit" that they can."
Creative Screenwriting Magazine, Nov-Dec 2005

Special Event in Oxford, England 
Richard Michaels Stefanik
Story Design for Creating Popular Hollywood Movies
Sheldonian Theater May 9-10, 2006


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