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Opportunity to be a part of India's first ever 3-D character animated film to be previewed by Media Factory India at Cannes Film Festival

We believe that you will grace the 59 th Cannes feature film festival, in order to scout around for lucrative investment opportunities and creative projects. If you are planning to tap into the much-talked about Indian entertainment domain and ‘Bollywood', Media Factory India (MFI), a new age entertainment Indian company (, offers you an attractive proposition. You will get a never-before chance to partner a novel project - India's first 3-D character animated film, ‘MAGIK' - a screener to be unveiled at the Cannes film fest. This prestigious and ambitious pioneering project is conceptualized by MFI, which while spearheading modern India 's global march in the entertainment domain, is seeking global alliance partners for its plethora of commercially enticing projects. At Cann! es, you will get an opportunity to interact with Young Turk, Aashish Chanana, CEO, MFI, who is perhaps the only trained animator- director & actor in India (call it ‘an unfair advantage')!

About ‘MAGIK': It is technically being created on the same lines as major Hollywood projects (‘Shrek' and ‘Finding Nemo') and has a universal appeal as all its characters have been designed so that they could be dubbed in any language and would identify with one and all. MFI's Animation Studio is headed by Biju, a well known name in the animation and special effects business who has headed several projects in India and abroad. The company has an integrated animation studio for all kinds of graphics & special effects as well as 3-D animation. ‘Magik' is the timeless saga of an 'underdog' child, who rises above circumstances, due to a quirk of destiny. This results in the child-hero obtaining magical powers but he uses his 'powers' for the benefit of society at large and earns eternal glory. Since ‘Magik' is a complex proposition with an international audience ! and markets, the company is looking at global marketing.

About MEDIA FACTORY INDIA: Recognizing the penchant for Bollywood crossover content, MFI, has positioned itself as the new face of Indian entertainment, adept at offer crossover Bollywood entertainment with a twist in an eye-opening and eye catching way! And with its innovative approach, MFI is characterized by the following…

  • MFI is an entertainment powerhouse, a one-stop shop offering integrated media and entertainment services and holistic hardware and software solutions.
  • MFI is promoted by a team of professionals with acknowledged acumen in the creative, marketing and financial fields.
  • MFI has unveiled a series of new entertainment hardware and software related initiatives that will spearhead itself to the numero uno position amongst companies in its segment. It is also establishing its own office in the United States shortly.
  • MFI's last feature film that released last year was DREAMS (
  • MFI is a hardware house that handles everything from concept to creation. It boasts of one of the most sophisticated ‘end-to-end' fully integrated post-production facilities in the capital of Bollywood, Bombay. Also in the offing are horizontal integration into film studios, shooting floors, film equipment, distribution and exhibition. MFI has its own Animation Studio and is now creating MAGIK, India 's first 3D character animated feature.
  • MFI is producing several prestigious projects in the following years including: an ambitious crossover project for global audiences called ‘MISSION BANGKOK' where a top Bollywood heroine will rub shoulders with an Oriental heroine and a Hollywood heroine. Set in beautiful virgin locales in Thailand, London and Mumbai, the film will put three heroines in the centre-stage to give Indian cinema it's first “Charlie's Angels"

If you are keen on being a part of the Media Factory India revolution, please contact the undersigned and we shall be glad to meet you and elaborate on our plans.

I am at the Cannes from the 17th May to the 23rd May and I would be really happy to meet with you and see if there are synergies one could work at.

Yours faithfully,

Aashish Chanana (CEO)
Media Factory India Pvt. Ltd.
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