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George Shamieh - CEO and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy - President
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Following find the list of our available titles. We will be screening three films: The Challenge”, “Critical Assignment” and finally, for the first time in its entirety, “The Clown”.

"THE CLOWN”—Action – Huge and incredible action stunts from the producers of the German TV series "Der Clown."

Screening in its entirety at Berlin Film Festival:
The Clown Press Screening:  February 12th, Saturday, 11:00 a.m., Kant Kino (35mm Screening)The Clown EFM Screening:  February 17th, Thursday, 1:30 p.m. Cinemaxx 19 (35mm Screening)

Cast: Sven Martinek (Star of “Der Clown” in the role of Max, 60 episodes
Eva Habermann – (Lexx the dark Zone)
Xenia Seeberg
Gotz Otto (James Bond Movies)
Director: Sebastian Vigg
Writer: Timo Berndt
Producer: Hermann Joha

When mobster Zorbeck kills his long time girl friend Claudia, The Clown (Max Hecker) gets Zorbeck arrested and then retires from crime fighting. Max works as a simple guard for a security company until he hears that Zorbeck has escaped from prison. He must come back again to seek justice. But Zorbeck and his team of criminals are not so easily outdone, and the Clown (Max) faces the most dangerous task of his life. The film is based on the character of a German TV series, called "Der Clown," which was sold to more than 40 countries worldwide.

“CRITICAL ASSIGNMENT” - “One of the first big budget action movies to be filmed entirely in Africa with breathtaking cinematography” BBC World Service News

Critical Assignment EFM Screening:  February 14th, Monday, 9:30 a.m., Cinemaxx 11 (35mm Screening)

Best Picture at the HBBF (Hollywood Black Film Festival)
Best West African Picture at the Screen Nation Film & TV Awards

Cast: Michael Power, Moshidi Motshegwa, Terence Reis, Thami Ngubeni
Director: Jason Xenopoulos
Writer: Tunde Babalola
Producer: Bob Mahoney
Genre: Action

Winning the Press Awards held in Chicago for rescuing GSN correspondent Ed Johnson (Terence Reis) while reporting from the battlefront of worn torn Eastern Europe, international journalist Michael Power is brought to Africa to cover the “Water For All” story and the issues surrounding the critical lack of clean water in that country. It’s a story that some will not want him to write.
So begins a tale of critical decisions – arms or water. A story of love and loyalty, greed and deception, courage and cowardice. Critical Assignment is about one man’s mission to uncover the truth. A triumph of inner strength over major moral, social and political obstacles. The action plays out against a background of breathtaking African scenery and hypnotic African music including that of Grammy award nominee Angélique Kidjo.


“CHALLENGE” – ACTION – FROM THE PRODUCER OF “THE CLOWN” The Best World Know Martial Artists fight it out in a lawless world.

Challenge Screening:  February 17th, Thursday, 9:30 a.m., Cinemaxx 19 (Video)
Challenge VFX/Adobe Screening:  February 18th, Friday, 11:00 a.m., Kant Kino (Video)

Cast: Mathis Landwehr, Christian Monz, Vokram Zschesche, Zora Holt
Director: Johannes Jaeger
Writer: Johannes Jaeger
Producer: Hermann Joha

The World has become a lawless place. Anarchy rules the streets, and warlords take power by brute force. The streets are ruled by warlords. One warlord is Bosco, a ruthless killer who is obsessed with perfecting his power through martial arts. Together with Cleo, Bosco’s lascivious partner, he kills Master Thach, keeper of a sacred book of marital arts. Master Thach’s last pupil is Jonas, an orphan who Master Thach raised and taught all he knew. Jonas survived Cleo and Bosco’s attach with help of a friend, and now returns to the city to reclaim the lost book.

“LASKO”- Starring Arnold Vosloo “The Mummy” From the Producers of "The Clown”—More Action and incredible stunts

The film will be ready for Cannes Screening.
Trailering in our office!

Cast - Arnold Vosloo, Bettina Lamprecht, Mathis Landwehr
Writer: Dieter Tranowski
Director: Biethard Kuester
Producer: Herman Joha
Genre: Action Currently in Production

Lasko is a former soldier who joined the priesthood and renounced violence because he witnessed the death of a little boy in Kosovo after he wandered into the line of fire of Lasko's unit and was fatally shot. Now, Lasko finds himself caught in another kind of war—with a criminal mastermind, Jurek, and his group of thieves who have stolen a deadly virus in order to sell it to a terrorist group for sixty million euro. After a daring and ruthless heist from a government facility, the thieves disguise themselves as clergy and then hide out on the train bound for Lourdes that Lasko is on.
Also on the train are Sandra and Sven, her desperately ill son, who is going to Lourdes in hope of a miracle cure for his deadly blood disease. Lasko befriends them when they are separated from the boy's father by the abrupt departure of the train, and they join Lasko and his two priest friends, Gladius and Matthias, in their compartment.

The situation turns desperate when Jurek and his gang kill Lasko's two friends and then threaten to release the virus if the authorities attempt to arrest them. Now Lasko must avenge his friends' deaths and don the robe of the Pugnus Dei, a secret paramilitary organization organized by the Vatican, despite his vow never to resort to using force to achieve his ends. A raging battle in, under, and on top of the train ensues as Lasko must take out the criminals and administer the vaccine before they release the deadly virus. In a last ditch effort, the authorities divert the train toward a fuel depot in an attempt to keep the virus from infecting the city of Lourdes. All eyes are on the speeding train where the lives of the hundreds of passengers hang in the balance as it races toward a fiery end.
Will Lasko overcome the enormous odds as he battles the criminals and their fatal virus? The authorities wait with baited breath, the passengers are in a panic, and audiences hang on for dear life as the action-packed story moves to its ultimate resolution.

It will take a miracle to save the people on the pilgrim train to Lourdes when the criminal mastermind Jurek and his evil cohorts take over the train and release a deadly virus.

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