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France - 2003 - 93 minutes - 35mm - Color

  • Directed by : Patrick Mario BERNARD, Xavier BRILLAT,
    Pierre TRIVIDIC
  • Cast : Patrick Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic, Peter Bonke,
    Jean-Yves Jouannais.
  • Synopsis : Rene is an artist. His studio is set up in a disused dance hall and he lives on the premises with his boyfriend. Life swims along nicely, only he seems to be “coming down with something” – such is the expression used. It’s not that he feels sick exactly, more that he is getting distinctly oversensitive.Things pop into his mind and then won't leave. Like that picture of two spooky clowns seen in a magazine. Hard work and play make no difference at all. The image
    becomes an idée fixe and with every passing day Rene is increasingly tormented by obsessions that, in his rational mind, he rejects. Until one fine day his world goes off the rails as he finds himself face to face with a doppelganger.
  • Produced by : Ex Nihilo - Patrick Sobelman


February8th, 12.00, CINEMAXX STUDIO 14


France - 2003 - 80 minutes - 35mm - Color

  • Directed by : Xavier de CHOUDENS
  • Cast : Serge Riaboukine, Matthieu Genet, Elisabeth Kaza,
    Bruce Myers.
  • Synopsis : Vincent is a young man of 20 leading a mundane existence. One day, he narrowly escapes being mugged. His life turns upside down when he finds out that the mugger is actually his own brother Serge, whom he hadn't seen since childhood, and who has just escaped from prison. By and by each one reveals his true self in this quest for the other and the discovery of past made of grief, silence and absence.
  • Produced by : Agat Films & Cie – Nicolas Blanc


February 6th, 4.00 PM, CINEMAXX STUDIO 14


France – 2004 – 100 minutes – 35mm - Color - DOCUMENTARY

  • Directed by : Simone BITTON
  • Synopsis : In June 2002, the israeli authorities began the construction of a gigantic security fence, aimed at preventing palestinian terrorists infiltrations. With an original cinematographic approach,  the director, jewish and arabian as well, aims to go to the human universal heart of israeli and palestinian tragic reality.
  • Produced by : Cinesud Promotion - Thierry Lenouvel

February 7th, , 11.00 AM, CINEMAXX STUDIO 19
February 11th  , 5.00 PM, CINEMAXX STUDIO 19

LINE UP 2004


France – 2003 – 58 minutes – 35mm - Color

  • Directed by : Amal BEDJAOUI
  • Cast : Mohamed HICHAM - Hammou GRAIA - Isabelle
    PICHAUD - Aurélien RECOING
  • Synopsis : Selim, young man with derive, is disguised and prostitue. It seeks to be made like of sound avoids. Omar, who lives locked up in a mourning since the disappearance of his wife. The father and wire pass one to with dimensions of the other without managing to meet. Only the destiny will bring them closer a little too late...
  • Produced by : ML Productions


France – 2003 – 85 minutes – 35mm - Color

  • Directed by : Abdelkrim Bahloul
  • Cast : Charles Berling, Mehdi Dehbi, Ouassini Embarek
  • Synopsis : The Assassinated Sun, based on actual events in the newly independent Algeria of the 1970s. Following the country's liberation in 1962, the police didn't take kindly to gay poet Jean Senac. Nevertheless, he was appreciated by a large liberal audience.  The police also don't approve of writing student Hamid who writes and stars  in a French-language play during a national theater competition. Senac, however, enjoys the play and proceeds to develop a friendship with Hamid. Even though the two were never publicly declared.
  • Produced by : Mact Productions

France – 2003 – 88 minutes – 35mm - Color

  • Directed by : Jacques Cortal
  • Cast : Florent Pagny, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, François Cluzet, Sophie Broustal, Delphine Rouffignac.
  • Synopsis : Raphaël and Margot like themselves. But one day, the young woman, a star dancer, learns that she is condemned. They both choose to burn their mad love during these last months instinctively. But Margot, that her body betrays gradually, accept the idea that he will love another when she will have left...
  • Produced by : Odessa films


France – 2004 – 52 minutes (100 minutes in production) - 35mm – Color - DOCUMENTARY

  • Directed by : Jean-Michel Carré
  • Produced by : Films du grain de sable
  • Synopsis : In August 2000, 118 men die on board the state of the art submarine, Kursk, in the Barents Sea. Kursk, the pride and glory of the Northern Fleet, was said to be invincible. What were the real reasons for this tragic accident, why, were these men not saved ? Behind these questions lies a deeper one concerning the role of power in Russia today, but also that of world powers in general and the current evolution in East- West relations.


France – 2003 – 35mm - 75 minutes - Color

  • Directed by : Eugene GREEN
  • Cast : Adrien Michaux, Alexis Loret, Laurène Cheilan, Christelle Prot, Achille Trocellier.
  • Synopsis : Two children are captured by an ogre equipped with a wife as beautiful as good. The ogre has another captive, a blonde girl locked up in a vault. He intends to eat the children and to marry the young lady of the vault. Two young knights, one occur accompanied by a lion and which got excited of the young prisoner. They will achieve the prowess to deliver the victims of the ogre. The knight with the lion will know death, but will come back to life.

VANISHED - DISPARUES - Shooting February 2004

France – 2004– 90 minutes - Color - DOCUMENTARY

  • Directed by : Alain Mazars
  • Synopsis : Thanks to the help of a young medium, the investigation, led through Laos, permits to establish that the young child of Khema, a chamane singer vanished , could be even living.
    The ghosts of this mother and her daughter, mysteriously vanished to 12 years of interval, will they end up taking life at the end of this road movie "initiatique" to the heart of the Laotian forest?
  • Produced by : New Deal Films


France – 2003 – 52 minutes (90 minutes in production) - 35mm – Color - DOCUMENTARY

  • Directed by : Philippe Priestley
  • Cast : Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, Booker T. Jones.
  • Produced by : Films du grain de sable.
  • Synopsis : It's in first place the history of a music, the Soul, and of a record company, the Stax, who will live forever during the years of the american life. Soul of black american music, Stax is part of the recent history of their actors : the riots of Watstax, the Black Panters...


France – 2003 – 100 minutes - 35mm – Color

  • Directed by : Eric GUIRADO (Best short film César 2001)
  • Cast : Serge Riaboukine, Benoît Giros, Jean-François Gallotte.
  • Produced by : Harpo Films
  • Synopsis : Jerôme, since the death of his father, has not a single day off in five years. He and his mother struggle to maintain a small dairy farm. It’s December and Jerôme uses the Christmas vacations to find a work in the city. Once in the city he realises the harshness of life outside of the countryside…

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