Making a genuinely frightening horror film isn’t easy. But talented Vancouver film director Tom Raycove has set his sights on raising the bar of horror into that zone where the most intense moments are glimpsed through the spaces between your fingers. The film, called ‘7th Gate’, unfolds from the grim premise that sometimes making the wrong decision at the wrong time can be fatal.  But reality, grim or grimmer, is soon swept into another dimension in this...
Official 7th Gate website launched January 1st 2005
7th Gate Gets Greenlight
January 2, 2005
7th Gate Teaser Shoot - It’s A Wrap!
  It’s true, nobody ever said making a movie was easy,  but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun. For the team at Escape Entertainment the fun factor soared during recent shooting of the teaser for their upcoming feature horror film “7th Gate”.  

“It was incredible,” reported Tom Raycove, director and producer, “we anticipated that we’d be pretty tired after a dozen shots and call it a day, but we ended up calling it far into the night for three nights running. There was so much energy and momentum going – this thing seems to have legs of its own!”   
With some 1700 feet of film rolled into approximately 40 shots, the crew finally wrapped. The spell was broken, but not easily. Everyone felt exhilarated with that sense of accomplishment that comes when you strive to forge a powerful experience that pushes the boundaries of a genre and feel that you have indeed started on the right track.  It was cold in Victoria those four days and everyone came down with a fever and an itch to do more!
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Terri Anne Wilson as the ghostly spirit of 
“Marilyn Kredina”
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More Details
  Just when you thought it was safe to go surfing again, a 7th Gate opened on the web at or
The site was designed as a resource to keep buyers, distributors, cast and crew up to date with the latest developments in this high energy Escape Entertainment production.
The Web Just Became More Tangled
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The old house at 320 Franklin Street is no stranger to weird or unexplainable happenings.  During the past 100 years it has seen over a dozen deaths and murders.  Click for more
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Beyond fear and death lies the Seventh Gate