Berlin/European Film Market 2005
In Berlin:

Hyatt Hotel, Rm.  #752


The British Stand #200

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Market Screenings:

Deck Dogz

14th Feb – 11:30 – Cinestar 4

Reefer Madness

11th Feb – 16:30 – CinemaxX Studio 18
15th Feb – 20:45 – CinemaxX Studio 18

Rice Rhapsody

15th Feb – 15:00 – CinemaxX Studio 15


While researching his sensational book,  IN COLD BLOOD, about the family that was viciously murdered in a small town, legendary writer Truman Capote develops a bizarrely close relationship with convicted murderers, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Phieffer, Mark Ruffallo, Alan Cummings, and introducing the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Toby Jones as Truman Capote
Director: Douglas McGrath (emma, Nicholas nickleby)

US Distribution: Warner Independent

Two celebrity socialite sisters find themselves penniless when a scheming executive tries
 to take control of their deceased father’s cosmetics empire.
Cast: Hilary Duff (a cinderella story)
Director: Martha Coolidge


A hip, offbeat, wacky journey through the course of a day in the life of a struggling actor and hopeless stoner (WINONA RYDER).
WEED reunites Winona Ryder for the first time with her HEATHERS director Michael Lehman in a fresh, edgy comedy.
Cast: Winona Ryder
Michael Lehman (40 days and 40 nights, airheads, heathers)
Producer: Michael london (sideways, Thirteen)

                             ACTION DRAMA

A trio of teens embarks on a cross-city expedition to skateboard greatness in "Deck Dogz," a dynamic drama from Down Under accurately aimed at the urban adolescent market. With its authentic velocity, pic is determined from the get-go to catch the eye with every kinetic trick at its disposal.  – Variety

With cops, school and parents hot on their tail, three suburban skate punks hit the road to compete in a prestigious competition and pursue their dream of going pro. A deck grinding, wickedly funny coming of age story about friendship and growing
 up.  Featuring the legendary US twelve times World Champion Tony Hawk.
Featuring tony hawk
Writer/Director: Steve Pasvolsky (Academy Award Nominee INJA)  


Good heavens! The reefer is driving the good citizens of one small town totally out of their minds. Thank goodness a federal agent shows up at the local high

school to show naïve parents the horrific, horrendous fate that awaits youngsters who fall victim to the unspeakable scourge of (gasp) marijuana.

”With sparkling musical numbers starring the likes of Alan Cumming,  Ana Gasteyer, and Neve Campbell, Andy Fickman's film adaptation

of his award-winning stage production is a delirious musical extravaganza that will leave you feeling high as a kite”— Sundance Film Guide

Cast: Neve Campbell (Scream), Allan Cummings (Spykids, Emma). Ana Gasteyer


                          ACTION ADVENTURE

An action packed comedy adventure franchise from DEAN DEVLIN, the Writer/Producer of INDEPENDENCE DAY, GODZILLA and STARGATE.    

Uber geek FLYNN (NOAH WYLE) finally finds a use for his encyclopedic knowledge of the obscure and esoteric when he's
selected to join a mysterious order of "Librarians". Assigned the grave responsibility of protecting a collection of mythical artifacts from the forces of evil who, if given the chance, would use the priceless treasures for their nefarious plans.
Cast: Noah Wyle (ER), Kyle McLachlan, Kelly Hu, Olympia Dukakis, Bob Newhart   

Single mother JADE runs a restaurant. Worried that her youngest son might turn out to be gay like his two older brothers,
 she takes in a sexy French exchange student to find out. Meanwhile, Jade's bachelor neighbour also runs a restaurant…
In the bicycle race and cooking competition that follows, gender signals and emotions aren't all that get mixed up in these kitchens.

Cast: Sylvia Chang, Martin Yan, Maggie Q
Director/Writer: Kenneth Bi


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                                            ACTION ADVENTURE

An epic tale, which inspired Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS. The medieval adventure, part fable, part horror story is loosely based on the 9th century Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf, telling the blood soaked tale of a Norse hero’s battle with a great and murderous monster.
Cast: Gerard Butler (phantom of the opera) Stellan Skarsgard (good will hunting), Sarah Polley (dawn of the dead)

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Set in Venice, two young brothers on the run fall under the care and protection of a mysterious “Thief Lord." Stealing the missing component of a magical carousel capable of restoring youth, they discover a thrilling and unforgettable world of wonder and enchantment.

Based on the international best selling novel by Cornelia Funke. (Her other novel INKHEART will be a major event movie trilogy from New Line Cinema)


In a world where humans and vampires co-exist “separately but equally”, a human cop and vampire cop team up to stop a rogue vampire
intent on starting a war between the two races.  An innovative, stylish, genre blending re-telling of the vampire myth set in an alternate reality

Dougray Scott (mission impossible 2), Saffron Burrows (troy)
Writer/Director: Glenn Standring (the irrefutable truth about demons)
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