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Hong Kong, 2001, 90min, Horror, Chinese

Based on a Hong Kong urban legend... Sometimes, illusion and reality is hard to tell apart…

Dir. by CHEANG Pou-soi
Starring   Francis NG "The Mission"  Josie HO "Purple Storm"   Sam LEE "Ping Pong"   Niki CHOW

In Competition - "Main Feature Competition" of Film Festival Internazionale di Milano 2002 (Italy)

THU   31OCT   22:00   Cinema Centrale (via Torino 30, DUOMO)
MON  4 NOV   20:00   Cinema Centrale (via Torino 30, DUOMO)

"... there lurks one of the most inventive Hong Kong psycho-thrillers of recent years in "Horror Hotline...Big Head Monster", one of the very few to come close to replicating the clammy chills of late 90's Japanese pics like THE RING." - Derek Elley, Variety

One of Hong Kong's darkest urban legends returns after decades caged away: the big head monster is back!
Possessing a war-gamer just as its history emerges on midnight radio show Horror Hotline, the enigmatic beast catches the attention of a visiting team of documentary makers. As public interest peaks on the radio waves, journalist Mavis (Josie Ho), producer Ben (Francis Ng) and a two-man crew set out step-by-step to explore what grim truths lie behind the terror.

Thailand, 2002, 110 min, Horror, Thai

Dare to Dial, Dare to Die... A Direct Line to Hell

Dir. by Peter MANUS
Starring   Julajak Jakapol  Sririta Jensen Paula Talor  Thepalith Ryvin  Thitinun Kietthanakorn

SAT   2  NOV    17:30    SALA 3
MON  4  NOV    19:30    SALA 5

A group of teenagers met with death in strange and unexplainable ways after calling the mysterious phone number "999-9999" after midnight. The idea for "999-9999" came form true stories in 1995 about young people calling up strange phone numbers that functioned as a sort of gate to their every desire. The claim that these hone numbers possessed supernatural powers remained unproven but nonetheless adventuresome and daring enough to cause one to consider calling.
"999-9999" is ultimately a modern gateway to hell disguised as a mysterious wishing well.

Korea/HK, 2002, 102 min, Drama, English/Chinese/Korean


Dir. by Fruit CHAN "Hollywood Hong Kong"
Starring Sam LEE "Made in Hong Kong" "Ping Pong"     Jolene KUK "The Longest Summer"          CHO In-sung "Piano"
            JANG Hyuk "Volcano High"                              ABE Tsuyoshi

SUN   3 NOV   19:30     SALA 7
TUE   5 NOV    17:30      SALA 23

"A director who wants to tell stories in a way that others seem to have forgotten" IL Gazzetino (Italy/Daily)
"Extraordinarily original and interesting. Visually feverish..." Corriere Della Sera (Italy/Daily)
"Inspires a certain fascination", "Something inspired and profound", " A fundamental metaphor on the sense and secret of life" La Repubblica (Italy/Daily)
"Most captivating and overwhelming, energetic and inventive film of this year Venice Film Festival" IL Manifesto (Italy/Daily)

Official Competition - "Visions" of 2002 Toronto International Film Festival (Canada), "digi@ward" of Filmfest Hamburg 2002 (Germany), Films from the South Festival 2002 (Norway)
Official Selection - "Dragons and Tigers" of 2002 Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada), Flanders International Film Festival 2002 (Belgium), Vienna International Film Festival 2002 (Austria), Kaohsiung Film Festival 2002 (Taiwan), London Film Festival 2002 (UK), "A Window on Asian Cinema" of 7th Pusan International Film Festival (Korea), Stockholm International Film Festival 2002 (Sweden)

A young Chinese man, born and abandoned in a public toilet; voyages in search of a cure to save his dying grandmother. Two young Korean fishermen realize that pollution is killing the ocean and their loved ones. A tough New York hit-man sets up his final mark - only to kill far more than he expects. While escorting their sick father to the legendary waters of the Ganges, two young Indian men cross paths with Tony, travelling from Beijing in search of a cure for his brother. From Beijing to Pusan, New York to the Ganges, these young people make an extraordinary journey of joy, anger and sadness to find miracle drugs to cure their loved ones…

Thailand, 2002, 90min, Action/Drama, Thai

Courage Creates a Hero. Nearly Destroy by Betrayal. Saved his country, sacrificed his beloved. Kun Pan becomes a Legend.

Dir. by Thanit Jitnukul "Bang Rajan the Legend of the Village Warriors"
Starring   Watchara Tangkaprasert       Bongkoo Kongmalai          Apichai Nipattahuttapong

SUN   3 NOV    09:30     SALA 21
WED  6 NOV    17:30     SALA 15

Official Selection - "Open Cinema" of 7th Pusan International Film Festival (Korea).

Noble Thai warrior, Kunpan is tricked into losing his wife and status. Revenge fails him, so he retreats to live in the jungle where he studies the supernatural powers of horsemanship, swordplay and magic. Although he temporarily regains his wife, fate is against him, and he realizes that he cannot prevent further tragedy despite his magical powers.

Singapore/ Thailand/ Hong Kong, 2002, 93min, Action drama, Thai

A Game Plan with Death

Dir. by Danny PANG "Bangkok: Dangerous" "The Eye"
Starring   Pierre PNG "Forever Fever"  "Chicken Rice War"       Arisara Wongchalee (Fresh)       Yvonne LIM

MON  4 NOV    09:30     SALA 3
TUE   5 NOV    19:30     SALA LEONARDO

In Competition - Toyko Filmex 2002 (Japan)
Official Selection - "A Window of Asian Cinema" of 7th Pusan International Film Festival (Korea)
KTB Award - 4th Pusan Promotion Plan (Korea)

Somchai is a compulsive gambler, heavily in debt to loan sharks. He decides to end his life by jumping off an old building. Just as he is about to leap, he sees a girl (Gogo) ready to do the same thing. She is clearly in a more confused state than he is and out of natural instincts he races forward to save her.
Having undermined each other's intentions to commit suicide, Somchai and Gogo just sit on the rooftop together. They agree that if they had the courage to kill themselves, they should have the courage to do something bigger. They find new meaning in life. From this day on, they will wreak havoc everywhere they go, as only those fearless of death can do…

Thailand, 2002, 130 min, Thriller, Thai

Number One Thai Blockbuster 2002

Dir. by Oxide PANG "The Eye"   and  Pisuth Praesaengaim
Starring   Pete Thong-Jeur        Pimsiree Pimsee      Dawan Singha-wee      Kalyanut Sriboonrueng

TUE  5 NOV 19:30  SALA 15

In Competition - St. Louis International Film Festival 2002 (US)
Official Selection - "Orient Express" of SITGES 2002 (Spain)

Death is not the end.  Fear is the beginning.  Revenge is next…
It is late evening in a small pub somewhere in present day Bangkok.  Three young women take turns talking about the frightening experiences they have had with ghosts and the supernatural.

"Legend of the Drum": Jieb owns an antique business. One day a 70 year old drum comes her way and soon after that, Jieb begins having strange dreams and hearing a woman's voice speaking to her. Investigating the drum's history, she discovers some shocking revelations.

"Black Magic Woman": Pan is single, lonely and looking for love. A friend introduces her to a herbal essence called Black Magic Woman, in a pagan ceremony. The scent induces men to fall in love with her and she is not aware how dangerous the potion is.

"Revenge": Nop is a policeman who gets into trouble with the authorities when he finds a dead woman and investigates it as a homicide, not suicide as his colleagues had claimed. He finds that a guiding spirit in the form of a ghost is the only thing that can help him in his quest.

MY HERO (In Development)
Thailand, Fantasy / Action (Live Action, 2D&3D Animation), Thai

Boundaries blur and realities blend. How real is reality?

A mesmerizing blend of real, 2d cartoon and 3d computer animation, My Hero, is the story of 10 year old Dan and his adventures in the fantasy world of a comic book.
Dan's father mysteriously disappears so Dan goes to live with his father's best friend, Uncle Mike, and his daughter Jean. Uncle Mike publishes a comic strip called "Max: the Unbeatable Fighter".
One day, Dan receives an anonymous birthday present: a comic book which, Dan believes, his father wrote after his disappearance.   Though most people think Dan's father is dead, Dan doesn't believe it and comes to the conclusion that the arrival of this comic book is the link that will lead him to his father.
The book centers on Jack, a heroic young cop with superb fighting skills. The police station disintegrates into chaos when David Lai, a notorious drugs king and gangster, is put in a cell with the regular prisoners. Lai's henchmen arrive and cause mayhem.
Gradually, the stories in the comic book become so vivid to Dan that he and Jean are pulled into the reality of it.
Here they discover that the stories are not just stories, they are real coded messages. And just maybe the secret as to the whereabouts of Dan's dad will be revealed.

Hong Kong, 2002, Martial Art, Chinese

A new adaptation of Director King Hu's masterpiece "Raining in the Mountain" (1979).

"Film directors come and go, but true masters of the craft are few and far between. Up there with luminaries such as John Ford, Yasujiro Ozu and Jean-Luc Godard is a less well-know figure KING HU." - Richard James Havis.

Taiwan, 2002, 87min, Drama, Chinese

Dir. by WU Mi-sen "Fluffy Rhapsody"
Starring     Shinji TAKEDA "Tokyo Eyes"      Terry KWAN

Official Selection - "A Window on Asian Cinema" of 7th Pusan International Film Festival (Korea)

Taiwan, 1999. Hei-shu (Kurokl) finally gets a job in a local band. But it only performs at weddings and funerals and none of the band members can play a musical instrument.

Hei-shu's cat goes missing and he begins to suspect it has metamorphosed into a woman called Yokulut. A fan of all things Japanese, Hei-shu believes that he was Japanese man called Tetsuo in a previous life - the same name as the protagonist in a popular Japanese comic. Curiously, there is also a Tetsuo in the band, but he hasn't been seen since Hei-shu joined.

Hei-shu's friend, Tu-fei, lends him a hardcore porn film in which a 60 year-old woman has sex with a young man. Hei-shu finds the woman bizarrely attractive as she reminds him of his dream-girl, news anchor, GAO.

He creates a fantasy world where GAO communicates with him through the TV. She warns him to keep his job to avoid being exterminated in the government's plan to eliminate the unemployed.  However, GAO herself becomes unemployed.  Fearing that they will be killed, Hei-shu and Tu-fei start learning to play their instruments.  Then someone calling himself Tetsuo leaves Hei-shu's a message, claiming to have just impregnated Hei-shu's mother, who has recently disappeared.    Reality becomes ever weirder, becoming an immense web of mysteries…

Thailand, 2002, 103 min, Action, Thai

The Unexplored Land. The Cursed Territory. Even one step beyond is forbidden.

Dir. by Charnchai Pantasi
Starring  Danai Smuthkochorn      Paul Visut Carey   Eilidh Mac Queen     Manaswee Krittanookul
             Spaksorn Chaimongkol   Tony Carney         Greg Eismin             Tawatchai Oastanont

Information on the sighting of extraordinary elephant leads the members of the Asian Elephant Conservation group, aided by foreign researchers, on a dangerous mission deep into the jungle. They need to follow a dangerous route, normally used for smuggling amphetamine - the main ingredient in the production of Metaphetamine drugs.
The Thais and the foreign researchers begin their journey from a small village. They meet the village head and ask for an expert guide to help them. Surprisingly, the headman refuses. He explains that lately, hunters and guides have been mysteriously disappearing. Despite this, they choose to continue on their mission.
Heading into the jungle, the team encounters tragedy after tragedy. Snake pits, centipedes and scorpions are the least of their problems. Injuries, deaths and fatal illnesses fall upon the team as they head deeper into the jungle. The journey becomes more complicated than they had ever anticipated. Why are the animals so ruthless?  Is it the effects of drugs?
Will the team turn back? Will they find this extraordinary elephant? Adventure and terrifying risks in exchange for hope, survival and friendship in a forbidden land.

China, 2002, 87 min, Drama, Chinese

Dir. by LI Jixian
Starring  WEI Zhi-lin       LIU Shi-kai      CHENG Tai-sheng "Seafood"

Bronze Gryphon Award - Giffoni Film Festival 2002 (Italy)
Official Competition - Premiere First Movie Award of Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin 2002 (Germany), Jeonju International Film Festival 2002 (Korea)
Official Selection - Filmfest Muenchen 2002 (Germany), International Film Festival Karlovy Vary 2002 (Czech Repubilc)

Life in a faraway north-west village of 12 years old boy Wang Shouxian was totally disrupted in this high-sky summer with the coming of a shooting team.  Shouxian's efforts in the audition impressed the team very much.  But the headmaster did not let him play in the film because he could not recite his lessons.  At the same time, he challenged a plot which said the role he plays would rather stay in the village than going back to the city.  Thus, he simply would not say the right lines during the shooting. So the shooting could not go on and the team moved to other places.  But Shouxian has not given up and went to find the shooting team…

Taiwan, 2002, 106 min, Drama, Chinese

Be prepared! Dig a hole before you know whom to bury.
Dir. by HO Ping
Starring     CHANG Chih       HSIA Ching-ting

Best Screenplay - 4eme Festival du Film Asiatique de Deauville (France)
Don Quixote Prize - International Federation of Film Societies, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin 2002 (Germany)
Best Editing, Best New Actress (Wei Lin), Jury Special Award - 47th Asia Pacific Film Festival
Official Selection - 32nd International Forum of New Cinema, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Germany)
Official Competition - Seattle International Film Festival 2002 (US), Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2002 (Korea)

"To kill is easy; to bury is difficult." - The story is built around a hole prepared to bury a dead body.  Turtle decides to kill his business partner, Will, after being tricked by him.  With Chewy's help, he gets everything ready Tonight's the night and Turtle is in a nearby restaurant, waiting.  But he doesn't realize that Chewy has other plans. As for Will himself, he is cheerfully unaware of any danger - and not just from Turtle, but also from his own girlfriend, A-Mei, who wants to kidnap him for his money.   At the same time, the restaurant owner, Ox, is in fact a professional hit man.  He has already drilled a tiny hole through the wall and is sitting in the next room waiting for his target to show up.  The grave is ready, who will end up in it?

Thailand, 2001, 111 min, Action Comedy, Thai

Dir. by Yuthlert Sippapak
Starring   Somchai Khemglad      Suthep Phongam     Petchtai Wongkamlaow      Pongsuk Pongsuwan

"The director assembles a likable collection of hopeless hoods that the movie has a genuine, infectious sense of fun, with an endless supply of physical gags." - Derek Elley, Variety

In Competition - St. Louis International Film Fesival 2002 (US)
Winners of 25th Pra Surasawadee Award (Thailand) for Best Actor (Somchai Khemglad as Kit Silencer), Best Supporting Actor (Suthep Phongam as Pae Buffgun), Best New Actress (Pailin Pichitumphol as Jan) and Best Action Director (Kawee Sirikanerat)
Official Selection - 46th Asia Pacific Film Festival 2001 (Indonesia), Calcutta International Film Festival 2001 (India), 6th Pusan International Film Festival (Korea), Far East Film Festival (Italy), Stockholm International Film Festival 2002 (Sweden), Film From the South Film Festival (Oslo)

A dystopian Bangkok in 2009, the city is in chaos and the greenback has become the official currency portends a regular Asian actioner, with flashy lensing and lots of gratuitous violence. An expensive contract is put out to kill the chief of police, the so-called Iron Cop, and a washed-up ex-con, Pae Buffgun, is mistakenly given the job.

HK/ Japan/ UK/ France, 2001, 108 min, Drama, Chinese

Dir. by Fruit CHAN "Little Cheung" "Durian Durian"
Starring ZHOU Xun "Balzac Et La Petite Tailleuse Chinoise"  "Suzhou"      Glen CHIN      WONG You-nam

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best New Performer, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Make-Up & Costume Design, Best Original Film Score, Best Original Film Song, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Effects Awards - 39th Golden Horse Film Awards (Taiwan)

The NETPAC prize, Cinemanila Film Festival 2002 (The Philippines)
Official Competition - 58th Mostra Internazionale D'arte Cinematografica (Italy), 15th Singapore International Film Festival
Opening Film - Hong Kong International Film Festival (2002); Closing Film - Taipei International Film Festival 2001 (Taiwan)
Official Selection - 6th Pusan International Film Festival (Korea), Sundance Film Festival 2002 (US) and International Film Festival Rotterdam 2002 (The Netherlands)

The second part of Fruit Chan's trilogy about prostitutes from China: A father and his two sons, living in Hong Kong's last shanty town, face eviction by the government.   But a beautiful girl just arrived from Mainland China captures their hearts completely and allows them to escape the grim reality of their lives.

Sales For Asia, North America and Oceanic territories - Golden Network Asia Ltd.  Rest of the World- Capitol Films

Hong Kong/ China, 2001, 95 min, Drama, Chinese

2001 Top Box Office Grosser with 2.5 million collection in China.

Dir. by YU Zhong       Produced by Manfred WONG "In the Heat of the Sun"
Starring   Gigi LEUNG "Tempting Heart"        JIANG Wu "Shower"
              XIA Yu "In the Heat of the Sun"      CHEN Shi                  CUI Jian

In Competiton - 12th Children Film Festival in Aubervilliers (France)
Golden Castle Award - 14th Castellinaria Festival Internazionale del Cinema Giovane Bellinzona (Switzerland)
Official Selection - Shanghai International Film Festival (Canada), Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada) and Stockholm International Film Festival (Sweden)

The story tells of the longing to have siblings in modern Chinese Society.
Yi-ku, Si-tian, Tian and Miao are brothers and sisters.  Forced to separate in childhood because their parents die in a traffic accident, Si-tian is adopted by a couple who later take her to the U.S.  After 20 years, Si-tian becomes a famous conductor and returns to China to hold her first performance.  But what she really wants from this trip is to reunite with her long-lost brothers and sister.

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