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Forum: European Cinema

"Copying Hollywood is a dead-end street". The words of Wolfgang Becker, a director who's hit the jackpot with Good Bye, Lenin!
Comments, impressions, reviews, updates, recommendations and initiatives. Everything there is to say and to know about cinema in Europe

Audiences - France
2003, the year of comedy
Apart from a drop in cinema audiences, 2003 was also the...
Box Office – Spain
Christmas made in the USA
The Spanish box office was definitely under the shadow of...
Box Office - Italy
Pieraccioni takes the lead
After battling throughout the Christmas holidays, on...
Box Office – The Netherlands
Hit for Pietje Bell sequel
The Dutch children’s film, Pietje Bell 2 : De jacht...
Box-Office - Scandinavia
Local films enjoy Xmas bonanza
Local comedies, an animated film and even a first feature...
Box Office - UK/Ireland
Warm welcome for Cold Mountain
The release of Anthony Minghella’s epic film Cold...
Information – Belgium
The first Cinergie of 2004
Even though the New Year’s party hasn’t quite...

::Making of::
Dear Wendy (DK/UK/DE/FR)
"There is a very interesting portrait of a very lonely man in the middle. And what loneliness does to human beings, which I enjoy working with" (Oberaden, Germany, November 2003)

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