Tuesday, October 28, 2003



Cinemavault Releasing is pleased to announce that its 2003 MIFED screening line-up will include three outstanding theatrical features from Christal Films.

The Collector, by acclaimed director Jean Beaudin, is a psychological thriller grossing over $1.5 million in Quebec alone. The story follows a young detective (Maude Guérin) through a shocking murder investigation after the mutilated bodies of several young women are discovered. Her case takes her into the dark and twisted world of a psychopathic serial killer, played by the Genie award winning actor Luc Picard (Savage Messiah). Sales have already been made to key distributors, including M3 Entertainment (Japan), Tiberius (Germany), Cine Video (Mexico), Alpha (Brazil), Videosonic (Greece), Tsutaya (Thailand), MPX (Indonesia) and Roscino (CIS).

Inside, a $6 million production from award-winning director Michel Jetté (Hochelaga), is a tense prison thriller following the story of Claude (Emmanuel Auger), an inmate who finds himself at odds with the leader of the pen’s most dangerous gang. A rival leader offers him protection in return for his skills as a street fighter, but soon Claude finds himself stuck in the middle of a vicious war for prison territory. Sales have been made to Alpha (Brazil), Cine Video (Mexico), New World Pictures (Thailand), Videosonic (Greece), Noah Films (Israel), MD Media (Indonesia), Luxor (CIS), LNK (Portugal) and Tuck (Former Yugoslavia).

Dangerous People is a hysterical kidnapping comedy from Louis Saia, a three-time winner of the Golden Reel Award for the highest box-office in Canada, over $20 million in ticket sales. When pop superstar Roxanne is kidnapped for a million dollar ransom, the only person who knows is her father. He wants his daughter back fast, but he chooses his naïve accountant as Roxanne’s unlikely rescuer. The film’s all-star lineup includes Stéphane Rousseau (The Barbarian Invasions), Marc Messier (Les Boys 1-3), and Pierre Lebeau (Maelstrom). Sales have already been made to Alpha (Brazil), Quality Films (Mexico), New World Pictures (Thailand), Videosonic (Greece), Noah Films (Israel), Intersonic (Czech Republic) and Tuck (Former Yugoslavia).

MIFED Screening Dates
The Collector - Nov 12 - 3:30pm - Sala 13
Inside - Nov 12 - 1:30pm - Sala 3
Dangerous People - Nov 12 - 9:30am - Sala 21

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