Hallo lovely all,
Who knows where my purple suitcase goesOne guy who I totally don't know hijacked it on 24th of Jan when I came back to Juelich. I suppose someone who probably can find it more efficiently with an expert German speaking even though I have informed the police after a poor communication in English by both of us. If you don't know where it is, it is really doesn't matter at all. The question is the snacks and my Chinese style food will overdue. Plus, as you are all very kind person please help me pay the tinny minimum fee for my next semester enrollment if someone would like to. My student number is 375064 or the user account is nm279216. The deadline is 28th of Feb, it is really in a little bit big hurry. Have a nice today:))
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Dear all,

Please find attached the final program of seminars for 2017/18. The first group meeting will take place at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (Aachen) on November 27.

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